We Remember Our Fallen

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This page is dedicated to the 87 fallen Palyam members
& Aliya Bet volunteers (details are only available in the
Hebrew version).

Also remembered are 10 ma'apilim (illegal immigrants) who
died during battles with British forces, 11 who drowned (8 of
them when the 'Rafiah' vessel sinked), 4 who died at sea due
to complications in the course of giving birth, and the Palmach
member Bracha Fuld who was killed in Tel Aviv during the Hagana's
operation to help the ma'apilim of the 'Wingate' vessel get ashore.

May their memories be blessed!

Fallen members of the Palyam & Aliya Bet
A collective picture of fallen Palyam members & Aliya Bet volunteers
(note: the vast majority of them are Palyam members killed during the battle to break the siege on Jerusalem, Mar.-Apr. 1948)

באתר מפורסמים סיפורים אישיים רבים; אין למערכת האתר אפשרות לאמת את כל פרטיהם ולכן הכתוב בהם באחריות בלעדית של כותביהם.

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